Every angler dreams of the "The Perfect Bite." It keeps us awake at night, it makes the hair stand up on our arms and it brings the biggest smiles to our faces, but it also can evoke the deepest agony. Whether it is a blue marlin crashing the flat line in the ocean, or a brook trout gently taking a fly on a tranquil Montana river, The Perfect Bite is an emotion hard to articulate to those who don't fish, but it is the simplest communication among fishermen. The quest to find The Perfect Bite is a never ending, constantly evolving journey that rewards us throughout our fishing lives.

Join us each week as we look for The Perfect Bite. We will try to entertain you, but we also strive to provide insight. This is especially true during our 'Educated Angler' and 'Conservation Chat' segments. It may just be a tip, technique or maybe even a little piece of fishing history, but it is our belief that for your thirty minute investment to watch owe show, we owe you something and that is knowledge.